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Thelwell's Sporting Prints Book by Norman Thelwell

Thelwell's Sporting Prints Book by Norman Thelwell



Sporting prints were first produces in the second half of the eighteenth century and saw their flowering in the early nineteenth century, running parallel with the great era of British sporting art. Originally commissioned by the nobility and gents, their attraction was immediate and lasting, partly because of the stories they tell and partly as records of specific and memorable events in the sporting field. But they are often so beautifully executed that they justify their popularity on purely aesthetic grounds.

In this first collection of his own sporting prints, Thelwell has added a new and extra dimension tot he great tradition of such expert draughtsmen as Stubbs, Rowlandson, Fernley and Pollard. Gone are the sedate racing and hunting subjects of early prints, and here this gentle satirist, an observant onlooker with a superb eye for detail and for the relationships between humans and animals, gives a unique view of the great sports of hunting, fishing, shooting and racing.

Entirely humorous and never malicious, this lampooning will delight all lovers of country sports and those allergic to them alike. 

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