Country cartoon greeting card multipack by Bryn Parry

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A fun selection of 12 of Bryn Parry's countryside cartoons as 5x7inch size greeting cards, envelopes included. Featuring Sheep, Wildlife and Gardening, Dogs and a Puffin. A great handy pack of cards to have around for Thank you's, Birthdays, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Weddings, Sympathy and every day correspondence to friends and family. Bryn's Gardening and Wildlife cards are from the series planting out and include Robin, Rabbit, Badger and Red Squirrel.

Bryn Parry OBE is a British cartoonist, artist and sculptor renowned for his characterisation of the many aspects of country and sporting life over the past three decades. Having taken a sabbatical from drawing to set up the charity Help for Heroes with his wife Emma, Bryn has now returned to his studio and is happy to be back.

A great pack of cards to have in your top drawer for all occasions including Birthday Cards, Wedding Cards, Sympathy Cards, Father's Day Cards, Mother's Day Cards, Thank you Cards, Congratulations Cards, Valentines Cards, general correspondence and letter writing. Buy this pack and save on multiple visits to the shop, whether it be online or on the road!!

We are doing our bit to help the environment. All of our cards are printed locally on carbon captured sustainable card stock and carry the Woodland Carbon logo. Envelopes are made from recycled paper sources and we are endeavouring to replace all cellophane wraps with biodegradable packaging by 2022. All newly printed cards are being packed in Nativa wraps which are fully biodegradeable. As a business we alway try to upicycle and recycle cardboard packaging, That can not be upcycled is shredded for animal bedding and then enters a composting system.